Combat System

This green bar shows your HP what stands for hitpoints. You will lose HP when you get hit, and whenever it drops to 0 you will die.

This yellow bar shows your NRG what stands for energy. Actions like jumping, attacking, walking and dashing consumes energy. When energy is consumed it slowly regnerates back to 100%. Dashing is the most energy consuming action.

Whenever you die you respawn at your after every death, and you need to recollect all items that you had with you that were not stored in a bank! Thats why visiting a bank could give advantage before goning to some risky situations.
Your level, skills, achievements, reputation and quest progress will persist through death.

As default without equipment you have the following stats:

This means:
your attacks deals here 1 to 2 damage (when the enemy has 0 armor).
Your 0 armor blocks 0 damage, but if you have 2 armor and the enemy 5 attack for example, you only lose 3 HP.
Attacks cannot be completely blocked, but with armor you can bring it to a minimum of 1 damage each hit.
As default you have 1 speed, with boots you can reach higher rates so you can walk faster and jump higher. Your speed has no influence on your dash speed.

When you have this Headscarf equiped for example, it would add 8 armor to your default armor. It can be looted in to your bag at any time, but to equip it you requires to be atleast level 35.

Buffs in current game version:

Buff: Cause:

Debuffs in current game version:

Debuff: Cause:

All Enemies in current game version:

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