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Fight your way out of this mess!

You and your wife live in a peaceful and yet meaningless little village that is currently dominated by Dragonkin. And when you are about to think that you will probably die out of boredom, an over enthusiastic spy informs the emperor himself, that somehow YOU are a dangerous rebel and a threat to his majesty, planning to free the empire from the corruption and violence caused by the emperor and his vile men.

Afraid that you'll kill his sorry ass, he sends his men to capture you and your wife. They succeed and you end up in one of the prison cells of the emperor, alone, not knowing where your wife is. Many times you wished she would disappear, but you got attached to her and somehow you are missing her. You decide that the last thing you will do is NOT rot away in this terrible place, where you are forced to fight other prisoners to the death in the gladiator arena.

You brew up a plan. A daring plan… You may not survive it, but staying here locked up is not an option. Fight your way out of this mess, find your wife and restore the world from this wicked leader!

News and updates:

20-06-2020 - game upgrade to 0.5.5

Bugfixes and zone improvements. The phase of the starting quests is improved. Serveral added ground gapes leading to a new underground cave with an added sliding puzzle. An updated saving system that causes all game progress you had to be reset. To prevent having to do the full starting events again, a hidden in-game Skip Fuction is added. To enable the Skip Function: typ 'SKIP' while holding 'ALT' and then press 'Enter' while in the game.

01-07-2019 - website upgrade

Website data have been optimalized for less loadtime and less cache memory by downscaling unnecessary big image files and optimizing some scripts. Major upgrades have been added to the 'Skills' and 'Contact' Page. All skills have been made more clear and packed, and can be expanded now when clicking on 'More'. The contact page have been made more clear also, and anti-bot verification has been added to prevent automated spam mails from bots. There are also some other small upgrades like new and better game images and some bug fixes.

16-02-2019 - website and game upgrade with day/night cycle

The in-game world has now an automatic changing day/night cycle! It is a 24 hour cycle based on the time in central europe (+1 UTC) that will be observed by everyone that is online in the game.
There is also a day/night cycle rotation icon on the website and in the game now to visualise the state of the day.
Also other game upgrades have added like new zones, new NPC's and some fixed minor bugs.

30-12-2018 - game upgrade to 0.3.0

Improvements to the main menu and title screen have been added. There are more gameplay interactions and options now such as taking a boat, solving a puzzle or jumping on moving carts. Alot of bugs and imperfections have been fixed. A bunch of new fightable NPCs are added in several zones. Also a big amount of new resources have been added in this version, about 100 new sound effects and soundtracks, about 100 new objects such as trees, new harbors, a first completed city, and about 10 new zones.

19-08-2018 - website host changed

The website has changed of host and due to transfer delay the website have been offline for the past few days. From today the website is succesfully back up again!

18-06-2018 - website upgrade

The background of the website have been updated and adjusted to work for both desktop and mobile visitors. Also a small upgrade have been added for the footer social media plugins.

06-06-2018 - game upgrade to 0.2.0

The fundament of the game have been completed in this version. Almost all scripting work is done, meaning that most systems fully work now and are automated. Most things have been optimized so integrating new sprites, NPCs, items, equipments, zones and sounds is fast, easy and clear. Also a big amount of new resources have been added in this version, almost 100 new sound effects and soundtracks, about 100 new objects such as trees, boats and buildings, and about 10 new zones. Also online gameplay have been made but not yet been included in this game version but will be added soon in a later minor version. Aswell some other small things have been upgraded in this game upgrade like a better title screen, gamepad support, opening dialog with explanation for new players, .ini config file where the prefered settings can be saved and changed without being in the game.

16-05-2018 - website upgrade with tracking info of the development progress

In this website upgrade you can track the current development progress on the index page. More data about future releases has been revealed. Also some other small upgrades have been made on the website like upgrading the map page with a thermometer, and adding rank colors and loottables to the highscore page.

16-04-2018 - game upgrade to 0.1.8 and the enemy frames on the Combat page have been updated to the improved stat system

In this game upgrade the starting zone village have been upgraded. Movable boxes have been added as new game element. Possibility added to sleep in your bed to restore HP and set your Home as current respawn location (in this version the default and only location). Attack, defense and speed rate have been added to the player and enemys frame to give a clear overview of the stats (this has also been updated on the website). The psychics inside of buildings have been hugely improved. Buffs/debuffs added with real time duration counter. Some new NPCs and new zones have been added. Some other minor bugs have been fixed.

06-03-2018 - game upgrade to 0.1.7

In this game upgrade the the option have been added that you can sleep in the bed of your Home to restore HP. Also the zone with the riding cart have been completed, meaning from now on you can fall in the ravine, and ride with the cart on the rails all bug free. Also an alpha version of the first arena have been added and can be play tested by pressing '6' while in the game. Also while the game is in alpha you can teleport your player to the mouse position when pressing the 'insert' key. Also pressing the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 while bring you to alpha or test zones and have been added for play test reasons. This will be removed in any later official versions.

16-01-2018 - website combat page update

In this website update, the new enemys have been added to the combat page. Also the info that explains the stats have been made a little more clear.

12-01-2018 - game upgrade to 0.1.6

In this game upgrade the inventory and equipment system have been completed, meaning that from now on items can be looted/dropped, be equiped/removed, be inspected and be used. Also some small bugs and some things in the GUI have been upgraded.

18-12-2017 - game upgrade to 0.1.5

In this game upgrade dialogs, quests and tips have been hugely improved. Also more alpha zones and one complete working boss have been added. XP gaining and max XP required to levelup have been better balanced.

29-11-2017 - a new video have been added to the official YouTube channel

There have been added a gameplay preview trailer to the YouTube channel of Empire of the Wicked. Check out the official channel here:


27-11-2017 - overall webite upgrade

The overall website have been improved with better and more clear sections.
Also is it possible from now on to leave a game review, you can do that at the contact page!

21-11-2017 - item page and map page upgrade

In this website upgrade the list on the item page have been increased with 15 more items.
Also the map page have been hugely upgraded, with more info about zones, factions, locations and clans. The new information contains both intersting lore, as facts about weather or some specify conditions.

09-11-2017 - game upgrade to 0.1.4

In this pretty huge game upgrade the settings tab in the main menu have been completed. You can enter the Inn from now on. From now on you will respawn after you die. The bug that you can still do movements when you are dead has been fixed. Getting struck in some walls or objects have been fixed. Start of the game fade effect added. Option to zoom in and out while in the game have been added. Some small other graphics improvements and bugs have been fixed.

25-10-2017 - index page upgrade

In this website upgrade the index page have been improved with a more clear download section and info about minimum system requirements.

01-09-2017 - website social media upgrade

In this website upgrade social media buttons have been added. Also some other minor things on the website have been improved.

31-08-2017 - game upgrade to 0.1.3

In this minor game upgrade dialogs, quests and tips have been upgraded. Also it will be shown now when leveled up and when restoring HP from consumables.

30-08-2017 - game upgrade to 0.1.2 and website index page have been improved

In this game upgrade dialogs and quests have been added/upgraded. Extra enemy NPCs and consumable items have been added. Some minor other bugfixes/upgrades have been added.
Also the website home page have been improved with better structure and from now on this update section.